Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google+ Is Restoring My Faith In Social Media

It's still early days for Google+, but one thing that is standing out for me is the level of discussion / posts / sharing. Everything seems much more . . . grown up, intellectual, thoughtful. Okay, I know there are still a lot of those gifs with Facebook and other social media sites getting beat up, but just have a look at one of the really great ideas that swam through my Stream in the past couple of hours:

And there were lots more, about setting up support circles and helpful circles.

No offense to celebrities, but there aren't even any of the "I'm famous and so you'd love to know about the sandwich that I just made" type post. The few celebrities that I have seen post have something really worthwhile to say.

I have learned more about coding, add-on software, blogging, interactive media, and similar things in the past three weeks on Google+ than in years of daily surfing and following posts on FB, Twitter, etc.

And Hangouts. Well, what can I say? They are the best thing since sliced bread. Or Star Trek.

In a Hangout earlier today, we were discussing how to attract more people to Google+. I just hope that the influx of more and more people will not serve to lower the overall tone. These last three weeks have been the highlight of social media for me, and I am looking forward to Google+ getting better and better.

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