Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Google+ Does Not Need Games

What a breath of fresh air Google+ has been! Sure, there have been some infantile posts, easily muted, but for the most part there has been intelligent, interesting sharing of ideas and links posted to helpful sites. All of this has been accomplished without the noise and irritation of "adopt my piglet" posts and "please send me six million golden nuggets" requests.

Now, I am not against online social games. I have even played some myself (gasp!) and can see the fun in them.

But we don't have to have games on every social networking site. Why clutter up Google+ with games? Surely plenty of people can go over to Facebook or wherever to get their fix, and then come back to the sanity and quiet of Google+.

Even if I could isolate people into a "Gamers" Circle, why make me have to do that? I already had to mess around with that on Facebook, and that's one of the reasons why I was so happy to jump ship right away. There must be a lot of other people just like me.

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