Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around . . . And Around . . . And Around

It's early days for Google+, and so we can all expect some teething problems. And because there is so much that is so good about it, any little irritation can seem bigger than it really is.

I've noticed a few posts in the past couple of days about filtering specific posts by keyword. This would be a great idea. We all are seeing the same thing shared over and over . . . and over, mainly because people are so thrilled with Google+ that they want to establish their presence and show that they are already well connected. But it can be annoying to see the same gif again and again, or the same comic strip, or Twitter-like posts about the latest celebrity news.

The problem here is that it's not the person sharing that I would want to block; 99% of their posts and shares are great, informative, and I want to see them. But it's that 1% that pops up over and over that I would love to block. I could just put the keyword into the filter, and those repeat-offender Shares would be gone, but my Circlers would still be seen posting and sharing other things. Mystery solved.

Google CMs have been incredibly responsive so far. I've suggested this via Feedback, and I'm sure that if you do, too, something will be done. Google+ is great; let's make it even better!

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